Toby lives in Boone County, Iowa

Schools in neighboring counties

pay no travel fee.
Shows in these counties are

$345 per show

All other Iowa counties $355 per show

Bordering state schools $375 per show

Multiple Shows and Schools Discounts

2nd show in the same school same day 1/2 price

2 shows in 1 day = $10 savings per school

5 shows in 2 days = $15 savings per school
7 shows in 3 days = $20 savings per school

10 shows in 4 days = $20 savings per school

12 shows in 5 days = $30 savings per school

The fastest and most accurate pricing is best obtained by calling

Toby's office at 515/275-3250 or emailing

Quoted program fees are all-inclusive with no additional charges for mileage, travel, or other expenses.


We are fully aware of the budgeting shortfalls that school districts experience, especially for special programming.

Remember Toby is a teacher. His presentations may fulfill educational requirements and therefore assist your school in meeting its educational goals. 



966 H Ave.,

Ogden, IA 50212

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