Summer 2021 Prices

Toby lives in Boone County, Iowa

Libraries in neighboring counties

pay no travel fee.
Shows in these counties are

$325 per show

All other Iowa counties $340 per show

Bordering state libraries $365 per show

Tales Away

Multiple shows/library discount

Planning on Toby visiting? Take a moment to let your fellow librarians know about Toby's show.

Coordinated with your neighboring libraries and everyone saves.

Three or more shows per day, 

or five shows in two days -

deduct $15 from each show. 

The fastest and most accurate pricing is best obtained by calling Toby's office at 515/275-3250 or emailing

Quoted program fees are all-inclusive with no additional charges for mileage, travel, or other expenses.


We are fully aware of the budgeting shortfalls that libraries experience, especially for special programming. Toby's life long goal is to make people happier. His shows are just one way he accomplishes that goal. Another is to work in conjunction with program coordinators to offer the best program package rates he can assemble. A great show at a great price will make you happy, right!

Multiple Appearance Agreement Discounts

In addition to your summer reading program, perhaps you wish to add to your city festival, local parade or school district. Toby could present his award-winning educational assembly at the elementary school with an added function to excite and register kids for the summer reading program. Then Toby returns later to present his library show. This ultimately increases the reading program participation and attendance at the library show.
Many other appearance combinations can, and have been arranged.  Additional information available here

Appearance dates do not have to be consecutive for eligibility.



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Ogden, IA 50212

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