Be a community leader and teach leadership to kids!

Your business probably already supports your local school with donations or purchased advertising.  When you sponsor an educational assembly by Toby KID Klauenberg your community participation is taken to the next level. 
You make your company an interactive element of the students' learning. Kids, their parents, and teachers will connect with you through the great feeling they have during the show.
Program sponsorship is an investment in your community. The dividends are returned exponentially as customer loyalty.
Sponsor one show or more. Work with another business to be a Co-Sponsor. Clubs, organizations, and associations can also help spread education through Toby's programs.

Your sponsorship will:
     - Be included in all press releases and communications with school
     - Be mentioned twice during the show
     - Your logo will be part of the show set (must be supplied)
     - You and staff are encouraged to attend the program to be Introduced
    - If viable, a visit from Toby KID Klauenberg to your place of business 
Benefits of Program Sponsorship:
Potential free publicity
Shows community support
Reflection and extension of your business reputation
Marketing return on charitable gifts
Connects you directly with the education of our youth 
Connect your product/personnel to the kids by participating in the show 
Sponsorship is tax deductible (please check with your tax professional)
Are you interested in supporting educational programming?
You can sponsor a student for $5. Each gift is matched!
Your generous student sponsorship will be used to fund programming in deserving schools.
Find out more about how you can sponsor a program in your area schools.


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