Tales Away

Unpack this crate of craziness to let the laughter loose! 

This program is all about engaging children to connect with books, kindness, growth, and build community together through laugher.

Color Your World



Toby KID brings a menagerie of weirdness right to your library!

Join him on a storytelling safari that will cross paths with lions and tigers and hares - OH MY!

Experience members of the audience being turned into living puppets. They will share in some magical moments of hilarity as they perform a tall tale.

Share in a short story with Toby and his bird. A chaotic tale loaded with slapstick hilarity. 

Show features:

  • Assembling a monster who discovers beauty in its differences

  • ‘Actors’ help demonstrate the thrill of new discoveries

  • Encourages being creative not only in art but within ourselves

  • Slapstick silliness exposes the fun of discovery

Ultimately Toby celebrates bringing a community together with laughter.

Toby's show is made to play.
Requested performance space; 8' X 12' wide with a 9' ceiling. If this space isn't available, Toby will make whatever is available work for the show.

All sound, props, and show equipment are supplied by Toby KID. 

rabbitt in hat1.jpg

5 out of 5 stars!! The kids that were here enjoyed the show.  I would definitely have him back.  I had one Grandma comment that he was the best show that I had out of the four programs!!  Thanks!        

Lezlie Barry, Maynard Community Library Director


Our libraries LOVED Toby!! Excellent program!

I told him that for his quality, I honestly think that he's under-priced.

Would he be available for three programs the same time next year?

 Jennifer - Blue Earth County Libraries



Offering professional programming 

  - 35+ years full-time assembly leader

  - Fully Insured

  - Elementary Education Degree

  - Performs 200+ assemblies annually

  - Completely self contained