Teaching Teachers to Lead Leaders

Being a leader in more than being in charge

One trait of a leader is they are lifelong learners. Teaching is one of the rare professions this is implied. This training offers your staff a different perspective on how they can add a leadership mentality to their teaching strategy. Leadership skills will benefit them personally and professionally, as well as their students. As Toby engages the teachers, he shows how they can engage with their students. The specific applied techniques teachers will learn in this seminar allow them to advance students to a new level of achievement.  Toby not only offers specifics on what to add but how to add a leader's mentality to your individual educational efforts. 

Teachers Will Learn:

  • Specific leadership traits

  • how to add role modeling to their teaching strategy 

  • How to inspire students to lead

Magical Education

Increase students’ involvement and enjoyment in learning

Toby breaks down the art of connecting with their students in this seminar.  Research shows people tend to learn more when feeling connected. Engaging the students will extend learning.   When students are engaged in class, their bodies release endorphins and they start to experience the Joy of Learning.  Toby offers techniques in this seminar that will allow teachers to reach a new level of achievement. No sleight of hand is required for teachers to help students achieve more.

What Teachers Will Learn:

  • How they can be magical

  • How to create the stage for a healthy, personally enriching environment

  • How to build healthy student relationships

  • Flexibility makes for Teaching Moments

The I in Team

I am the I that makes the team complete

This motivational presentation is about getting all your of staff on the same team.   This active program will have them moving, having fun and thinking about their important roles in your school’s success.  Teachers will be inspired to continue to invest in themselves, collaborate with other teachers, find a mentor, be a mentor and apply new techniques to constantly work to improve their mastery of teaching.  Toby applies his philosophy of being a successful life-long learner, being coachable, and taking managed risks to add to team goals.  Toby's personal history is the backdrop for this heartfelt, high paced, interactive seminar.

This is a great way to Kick Off the school year, reset goals for the second semester or finish out the year with setting your sites on the next.

What Teachers Will Learn:

  • Offering your unique specialty to the team

  • How to utilize the team even when you're by yourself

  • Importance of having and being a mentor

  • Defeating gossip

Toby's Seminars Will Help Teachers:​​

  • Engage non-participatory students

  • Boost the confidence of students who struggle with self-assurance

  • Organize a classroom with less downtime and distraction

  • Equip teachers to maintain control, without becoming domineering

  • Improve productivity without decreasing moral

  • Help decrease stress in the working environment


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