Toby has flawlessly melded the trifecta of his life and you get to enjoy the perks.  "It's passion that is the soul of my drive." KID explains, "I'm driven to make people happy. It's a simple yet intricate life pattern."  What Toby does is his career and vocation. 

Toby KID Klauenberg's career

spans more than 3 decades & 2 continents

 he's funny across multiple industries

  Family Comedy Show         Comedy Concerts

Educational Assemblies        Arts Workshops

Summer Library Shows       Walk Around Clown 

             Santa                                Easter Bunny

                       . . .  and so much more

Why would it matter to you if Toby is a  rarity in the entertainment industry? Toby has always been a full-time self-employed professional educator and entertainer.  

What would his uniqueness in education matter? KID has crossed being a traveling teacher with corporate education producer, gag writer, and educational consultant.

What else is considered odd about Klauenberg? On top of that, he has a 32+ year marriage and four active kids. Through his organization memberships, he is an extremely involved contributor to his local and national communities. 


You reap the benefits of Toby KID Klauenberg's uniquely positioned experiences.


Husband & Father