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Wizards, Fairytales, & Fantasies

A magical experience of mythological proportions

Wizarding magic fills this enthralling program with the benevolent traveling conjurer Chaznard.
This ancient soothsayer loves to share his magic, tell tales and engage his fellow mythical marvels. He will do just that and so much more in this 45-minute immersion into Wizards, Fairytales & Fantasies.


June 1   morning show available

                Griswold, IA   2:00 PM

                Council Bluffs, IA 6:30 PM

June 2   Plattsmouth, NE 10:00 AM

                Seward, NE  1:30 PM

                 evening show  available

June 3   Crete, NE   10:30 AM

                Plymouth, NE 1:00 PM

                evening shows available

June 4   morning show available

                Bagley, IA   2:00 PM

                Bayard, IA  5:00 PM


June 9    all showtimes available

June 10 Wellsburg, IA   10:00 AM

                Traer, IA 1:00 PM

                Fairfax, IA  5:00 PM

June 11 Whittemore, IA 10:00 AM

                Garner, IA 1:00 PM

                evening show available

June 12 Norfolk, NE 10:00 AM

                afternoon & evening shows available


June 16  all showtimes available

June 17 Memphis, MO 10:00 AM

                Kirksville, MO 2:00 PM

                evening show available

June 18 Slater, IA 10:00 AM

                afternoon & evening shows available


June 23 Mankato, MN 10:00 AM

                Lake Crystal, MN 1:00 PM

                Mapleton, MN 3:30 PM

June 24 Fulda, MN 10:00 AM

                afternoon & evening shows available

June 25 Kendall WI 1:00 PM

                Galesville, WI 6:30 PM

                Trempealeau, WI 10:00 AM

June 26 Independence, WI 10:30 AM

                Arcadia, WI 3:30 PM

                evening show available

July 1   Woodward, IA   10:00 AM

              Granger, IA 1:00 PM

              evening show available

July 2  Guthrie Center, IA 1:30 PM

             morning and evening shows available


July 8  Creston, IA    10:00 AM

              Clarinda, IA 2:00 PM

              evening show available

July 9  Ventura, IA 10:00 AM

              afternoon & evening showtimes  available

July 15-19 Charles City, IA Floyd County Fair


July 21 Wonewoc, WI 1:00 PM

               morning and evening shows available

July 22 Bellevue, IA 1:00 PM

               morning and evening shows available

July 23 all showtimes available

July 24 Des Moines, IA 10:00 AM

               afternoon & evening shows available


July 28 all showtimes available

July 29 N. Mankato, MN 10:00 AM

               Henderson, MN 2:00 PM

               St Peter, MN 4:30 PM

July 30 all showtimes available 

August 13 Slayton MN

August 14 Lakefield, MN 5:30 PM

                  morning & afternoon shows available

August 28 Monticello, MN 6:30 PM

                  morning & afternoon shows available

all dates subject to change without notice

not all available dates are listed

During the show...
     An attendee becomes a performing wizard

     The mixing of an elixir makes a BIG impact

     A fairy (from the crowd) shows the wealth of the library 

     Each participant gets a Reading Wizard certificate
     And so much more.....

2020 Summer Tour Dates

Toby did an amazing job. First, booking this show was a breeze. Second, Toby brings everything he needs and does all the work. He's truly a hands-free, hassle-free, all-inclusive assembly show.
And the show is TERRIFIC. Toby's focus on the attendees is masterful as he delivers some incredible magic and lots and lots of laughter. The children were captivated the entire show.

I don't know what magic Toby uses to find the perfect participants to help him on stage. Not only was each chosen child perfect for the routine but their participation was good for the individual.

One former camper, now counselor said this is by far the best show she's ever had at camp. 

Gwen Livengood
Camp Director

Camp Quality


Magic elixir is a 'big' hit

Toby has performed this show more than 175 times. (As of March 2019)

You will not find another more professional, well prepared and entertaining presentation.



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Ogden, IA 50212

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