Toby’s students have ranged from after school program kids to corporate teams of national marketing firms. Toby has taught juggling to D1, NAIA, and D3 athletes to improve eye/hand coordination. Factory maintenance teams and students in Engineering have utilized Toby’s magic class as a great mental exercise to problem-solving. Balloon sculpting classes in nursing homes, for a break in the boardroom, and in libraries across the Midwest have added lots of movement, laughs, and confidence to the participants.

These “performing arts” programs are entertaining, motivational, and educational. Hands-on instruction is the soul of Toby’s professional career. Sharing his art is the fusion of his life passions; teaching and performing.

These classes are great for summer camps, career days, after school programs, and school day rewards. Adults love these classes as well as a break at work, motivational moments, wellness classes, team building and active lifestyles.


Where to host a Workshop:    

STEM Classes                              LEGO League                                Debate/Speech Teams                        Project Kick-Off 

Sales Meeting                              Summer School Class               Senior Facility Activities                   Drama Class

Corporate Retreats                    Luncheon Activity                      Reward for goal achievement          Boy & Girls Scout 

Youth Group Events                   After School Programs             Employee Meetings                             Teacher's In-service

Summer Camps                           Strategy Meetings                      Deskless Employee Events               Company Picnics

Classroom Reward                     Community Theater                   Club/Association Meeting                Team Building                       



COMEDY Improve


Toby has taught thousands the fun of juggling from elementary kids to corporate sales forces. Trying something new like juggling brings people out of their comfort zone in a safe environment.  They experience laughter and silliness with their friends and colleagues. 

Participating in a juggling workshop has multiple benefits.

  • Breaking down a challenge into simple steps.

  • Demonstrating overcoming perceived impossibilities.

  • Improving coordination, even if you don’t learn to juggle.

  • Exhibiting success is contagious.

  • Juggling is great for brain and body.

  • Juggling is a truly portable workout.

  • It makes you smarter.

  • It sharpens focus & concentration.

  • Learning to juggle has a lasting effect.

  • Juggling is the ultimate in stress relief.

  • It's an exercise that doesn't 'feel' like exercise.

  • You can juggle where you are, no travel required!

  • A positive mentor increases success.

  • An example of goal setting and success.

  • Learning juggling is suitable for all ages.


Professions that have benefited from participating in a Juggling Workshop:



Toby’s comedy workshop isn’t cleverness training or joke training. It’s really about the infrastructure of communicating.  Studies have shown people can improve their communication skills and lower their anxiety after participating in an improvisational comedy workshop.  Improv’s low-stakes training increases the likelihood team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations. Participants learn to be present in the moment, listening carefully and contributing freely with the “Yes, and” improv concept. These skills turn out to be particularly useful in workplaces which rely on adaptability.

Comedy Improv Workshop benefits include:

  • Increased team communication.

  • Better grades.

  • Building confidence and creative abilities.

  • Participation is important.

  • Awakening the creative muscles

  • Increasing individuals' levels of comfort in sharing their ideas

  • Understanding of brevity for success.

  • Learning to ask specific questions to move forward


Groups and Professionals that have benefited from Comedy Improv Training:

Magic is more about managing people than it is about making something disappear.  But first, you need to learn a magic trick. Then you'll need to learn how to read people accurately. In magic, you need to be aware of people's perceptions, perspectives, and human reactions. The process of learning magic is particularly suited to developing social-emotional skills. A magic practitioner will build verbal and nonverbal communication, presentation skills, and develop a sensitivity to group dynamics.  These interpersonal skills have real-world value and can be an asset when applied both inside and outside the classroom and office. Plus, you learn how to make stuff disappear. Remember, a trick in the pocket is always a gift to be given


Benefits of learning magic;

  • Helps improve dexterity, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, ranges of motion, balance, visual perception, spatial relationships, cognitive skills, and more.

  • Cultivates a disciplined approach to learning

  • Boost self-confidence,  self-esteem, and self-discipline

  • Improves public speaking and presentation skills.

  • Exercise critical thinking. (Great for STEM)

  • Helps in recognizing and implementing codes of social conduct.

  • Promotes empathy

  • Teaches magician to be sociable, flexible, and cooperative when playing, studying, and working with others.

  • Teaches leadership skills

  • Teaches the value of listening, giving and receiving compliments.



Professions that have benefited from participating in a Magic Workshop:

Conservation Scientist                                

Broadcast News Anchor                                

Administrative Assistant

Human Resources Managers 


Mechanical Engineer

Hotel Desk Clerks

Avionics Technician

Education Administrators

Accountants and Auditors

The most amazing thing about Balloon Twisting is that it can be enjoyed by absolutely any age. Preschoolers to folks at senior centers enjoy the social dynamics of a Twisting Session.  Amazing too is the creations can be simple or, as complex, as the twisting artist desires. The free flow of creativity with balloons is as boundless as the creator’s imagination.   

What can be gained through a Twisting Session?

  • Helps you to develop/enhance manual dexterity.

  • Provides a basic workout for your wrists and fingers.

  • Provides an opportunity to be creative.

  • Allows for an immense range of creative/artistic expression.

  • Offers a sense of accomplishment and pride.

  • Helps to develop/enhance patience.

  • Provides an opportunity to learn from and network with others.

  • Allows you to bring joy to people of all ages.


Professions that have benefited from participating in a Magic Workshop:


Advertising Managers 

Engineering Managers 


Tool and Die Makers

Environmental Scientists  

Purchasing Agents              

Forensic Technicians

Electrical Engineers            






 Civile Engineers

 Automotive Repairers

Advertising Sales Agents

Special Education Teachers 

Customer Service Representatives

Correctional Officers

Massage Therapists 

EMTs and Paramedics





Air Traffic Controllers

Brick Masons


Fitness Trainers 

Health Educators 

Financial Advisors

Personal Trainers

Professional Athletes



Advertising & Promotions Managers

Bank Tellers & Managers

Mascots & Costume Characters

Benefits Managers


Database Administrators

ESL Teacher Actors

Financial Services Sales



Budget Analysts

Chefs, Line Cooks, Bakers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Computer Programmer

Court Reporters


Event/Meeting Planners

Flight Attendants

 Guidance Counselors



Fee based on program location, availability, travel, and date of the event.  

Smaller group workshops offer skill teaching appropriate for the attending students.

Discounts available when scheduled with other offerings from Toby KID Klauenberg


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