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The audience should be seated very close to the front of the performance area. Children should be seated on the floor.

No center isle is required, in fact, it is discouraged.​

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The best seating arrangments for kids

They only thing you need to supply for Toby to put on a great program is; 1. An Audience 2. A space to hold the audience  3. A 110 outlet. 

Toby brings everything needed to put on this show including;     1. Adequate sound system, 2. The backdrop, set, and props, and 3. A 100-foot drop cord to reach an outlet.

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The show is fully self-contained

Requested performance space; 8' X 12' wide with a 9' ceiling.


Performance area should be well lit.

Place the performing area, against a short wall, rather than in the middle. It is best if the audience is "deep" vs "wide".

If on a stage; The stage should be cleared and unobstructed by tables, decorations, etc.  Front of stage access to the stage for audience members is imperative.

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How to arrange the show area
Toby's show is different 

Toby is passionate about feeding knowledge to those hungry to learn. Toby left the classroom in order to reach more with his enthusiastic desire to teach.

There is a difference between teaching and doing a show. Successfully melding these two arts is why Toby is such a sought after educational presenter.​

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Toby is a recognized industry leader in
Children's Educational Entertainment

Toby's illustrious career includes writing and producing routines for WGN's Bozo Show and Televisa's Cepillín. 
Toby was the editor for the largest on-line newsletter for children's performers with more than 2,000 subscribers.

Michael Josephson and Character Counts! relied on Toby to produce their first educational program.
McDonald's has also depended on Toby's expertise to be the co-author of The Complete Field Guide for Ronald McDonald as well as engaging him to write and produce three shows for Ronald McDonald.


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Toby KID Klauenberg is a TEACHER
Before and After the show
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Toby will arrive 25-35 minutes before show time.

He will check in with your library staff.

All show supplies will be rolled in through regular doors.

The show set up requires a minimum of 15 minutes.

Please keep the show area vacant during set up.

Toby's show runs approximately 45 minutes.

Toby needs no introductions. 

You may take still pictures during the show.

Following the show, Toby will visit with guest.

The show can be repacked and clear 15 minutes.

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Difference between Toby and other Performers

A '87 graduate from Iowa State University  in Ames Iowa, Toby has a BS in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Speech. He has continued his education with additional independent studies in Children's Theater, Psychology, Developmental Psych and Business Administration. Toby also continues to refine his performance arts with improv, dance, and other skill workshops.

There are many great performers out there. Toby is different. He is a teacher that uses a variety of skills to emphasize different techniques to educate.

Most start with a 'cool' trick and twist a script to include some education material.

Toby writes a lesson. He then applies the best teaching strategy for each developmental stage, while considering the diversity of learners. Toby finds the strongest way to communicate these concepts be that with magic, juggling, comedy, interaction or lecturing influenced by the learning style, aptitude, skills, and enthusiasm of the students.

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