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Questions or comments can be shared by email

Feel free to reach Toby by phone or text at 515/229-2724.


As a former teacher and school board member, Toby is intimately familiar with the budgeting challenges that school districts experience. We strive to keep our prices compatible with your schools' goals while continuing our life's mission of teaching with smiles. 

Remember Toby is a certified teacher. His presentations may fulfill educational requirements and therefore assist your school in meeting its educational goals. 

$405 per show*

* Travel fees apply.
Travel fees are shared by all shows on the tour.*

* tour consists of
     - one or more shows a day
     - same day show locations are not to be more than 60 miles apart
     - mileage fee $o.65 per mile round trip
     - mileage calculated by Google Maps


Second show at same school only $175.00
Both shows in the morning or afternoon.

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