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ONLY $325

Toby's shows are wonderfully professional. He brings in everything needs to put on a world-class show. You will never see a more professional presentation. 

Director Becky Goodheart

McPherson Public Library

Toby's shows have been our most popular programs for three years running. Couldn't imagine having a summer without him now.

Tricia Mullberg

Greenville Library

Travel fees apply.
The travel fees are divided amongst
all the libraries on the tour *

This show is fully self-contained.

Toby brings everything he needs to put on a magical,

exciting, interactive experience for your patrons.


By consolidating appearance dates with your fellow libraries

we will not have to raise show fees in 2025

*Tours Within...
..Black Ring - 2 shows a day minimum
..Red Ring - Minimum of 2 shows a day
..Blue Ring- Minimum of 4 shows in 2 days
..White Ring - Minimum of 6 shows in 3 days

Libraries booked on the same day need to be within a 45-minute drive of each other. On over nights, the last library can be no farther than 1.5 hour drive from the first library the next day. 
Mileage fee $o.68 per mile round trip
Mileage calculated by Google Maps

  966 H Ave., Ogden, IA
no charge for overnights 

We perpetually strive to keep your fees to a minimum while remaining profitable.
Over the past 40 years of sharing shows, this balancing act has served our clients well.
Travel costs, daily expenses, accommodation fees, prop costs, rehearsals, and production of the show all contribute to the final cost to you. We strive to offer the most honest and fair pricing.

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