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More than 400 presentations!


Reading + Pirating = Magical Reading Excitement!

This program is fun -- with an emphasis on encouraging reading. Your presenter, Toby discovers his pirate ancestors in a book. Then that ancestor shows up! The pirate, with the aid of student helpers, follows the treasure map in search of treasured books. Along the way, they take pirate tests, escape a pirate prison, a sword fight breaks out, and someone walks the plank. 

All of this ties together with magic, silliness, and memorable fun that is designed to pique students’ interest in reading more. Plus, students are invited to assist – upfront and right from their seats. Appropriate mood-setting music and books are used. A custom backdrop, unique props, and sound system set the stage for a theater-like event.

The finale' is a strong message encouraging students to find good friends, read good books, and set goals to plunder their library! Students and teachers both love this message.

This is REAL entertainment emphasizing REAL educational objectives.

Written, produced, and performed by a REAL teacher that is also a recognized Master Clown.




Children will learn how reading is an exercise for the brain. Following this reading assembly show for elementary schools, the participants will find their unique pirate names and want to plunder the riches of books! Ultimately this program ignites a passion for reading in every student encouraging a culture of literacy.

Be A Bookaneer is perfect to stimulate student readers any time of year. It can also complement National Library Week (April), Read-Across America (March), Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept 19), Summer Reading Clubs, in conjunction with your book fair, and more.

This program was written to promote Anchor Standard TL2: The TL is a catalyst in igniting a passion for reading in every student and creating a culture of literacy in the school.


WOW! A hilariously educational show. Toby does it all and more. We will have him back.

Principal Jane VanHorn, Ogden Elementary

I LOVED THIS SHOW!! My third graders loved this show.

Georgann Patterson, 3B Teacher

I couldn't be more proud to endorse Toby's Library Pirate Show. It was truly educational and extremely fun. Looking forward to his next show.

Teacher's Team Leader Kathy Bumgarner, Joilette Elementary

It's been three weeks since Toby presented shows in all our elementary schools. I still hear the kids quoting the show. More importantly, they are practicing how to be inquisitive readers. We've never had a show with such long-lasting impressions.

Head Principal, Bill Reader, Casper Elementary Schools


Toby is a masterful teacher and a fantastic showman. If he ever wants a teaching job again, he can come to our school.

Jennifer Bennewitz, Principal, Lincoln EL


Capt KID is no other than the international educational presenter Toby KID. For more than 35 years Toby has visited schools, libraries, and community events with his award-winning programs. 

It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapsis in the brain unless it's done in play, in which case it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions.      Kayran Purvis

Toby has produced shows for the National Ronald McDonald Educational Program. He even co-authored the book The Complete Feild Guide for Ronald McDonald. His creative credits include work for WGN's Bozo Show, Michael Josephson's CHARACTER COUNTS!, and Televisa's Cepillí.

See more about Toby KID at


Show specs:

run time 40 minutes

set time 20 minutes

strike time 20 minutes

Completely self-contained program

This show is filled with all original and custom-built award-winning magic created by
Toby KID, Master Clown.

Show support material can be found at

You only need to supply 
electricity and an audience.

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