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This is the perfect educational assembly to celebrate your stars.


Toby KID promotes positive methods of social interaction. The show encourages people to treat others with respect while maintaining personal dignity. Your students will cover specific tools to resolve conflicts with bullies. This show reaches your students with a diverse palette of educational applications.
Storytelling, juggling, magic, lots of laughter and a strong lesson fill this presentation.
Your students will hear and learn even Toby has been bullied.
Toby KID Klauenberg encourages the students to participate as an audience and as individuals. He invites the celebrities in the audience, your stars, to join him on stage. Ultimately each participant will learn the strongest way to solve the worst problem is by being themselves, therefore being Stars.

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A video peak at Who's the Star - UR

Toby has presented this show in

more than 250 schools

The students loved it! Toby gave a message about handling bullying that was in line with what we teach our students. Toby's message was presented very clearly and in a fun way to remember​

Andrea Wright

Stewart Elementary

Yankton, South Dakota

March 22, 2017

Toby is 5 stars. *****

Everyone LOVED the show.  Many have said Toby is the highlight of the year. Thank you so much for being willing to be a part of our school

Megan Hicks

LSI Iowa

Ames, Iowa

June 18, 2016


Toby was wonderful.  He had a wonderful message that was not over done and the students got it.  He used humor in a timely manner.  Recommend Toby KID to any elementary school.

George Bruder

Taft Elementary

Humbolt, Iowa

February 27, 2017


The show delivered positive messages in an entertaining way for the students. Toby’s show grabs and catches your attention from the moment you enter the gym until you leave. The students LOVED being chosen to go up front and participate.​

Ginny Mossner

Orchard Elementary

Billings, Montana

November 2, 2016

This show features:


Original Music

Story Telling

One of a kind magic

Age appropriate humor

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