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Educational Assemblies

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This is great, all very cool! I've never had a contract like this before. Thanks for making this so easy.

Youth Services

Galesville Public Library

Great value! Toby does all the work to coordinate, set up, and perform the show. He was prepared for all possible contingencies and proved it when there was a last-minute change of venue and we included the junior high students.

Mr. Haverkamp, Principal

Pekin Public Schools

More than 15,000 assemblies and seminars across North America and the Europe

Toby has presented in 

48 states and 17 countries

Toby did an amazing job. First, booking this show was a breeze. Second, Toby brings everything he needs and does all the work. He's truly a hands-free, hassle-free, all-inclusive assembly show.

And the show is TERRIFIC. Toby's focus on the attendees is masterful as he delivers some incredible magic and lots and lots of laughter. The children were captivated by the entire show.

I don't know what magic Toby uses to find the perfect participants to help him on stage. Not only was each chosen child perfect for the routine but their participation was good for the individual.

One former camper, now counselor said this is by far the best show she's ever had at camp.

Gwen Livengood

Camp Director

Camp Quality


Toby has taught with smiles as a full-time career for 40 years.

He is acknowledged as a Master in his vocation of teaching with laughter.

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