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Learn the art of being giddy, glad, happy and weird

Silly Adventures

with Toby KID

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You've never seen a show like this unless you've seen Toby before.

Barbera Strand Librarian

With his Mary Poppins-esque cuteness and magic, Toby KID instantly endears himself to children. The trust he inspires encourages the audience to embrace their silliness.

A professional goofball and all-around weirdo, Toby brings you unparalleled laughs! Yes, there is magic, storytelling, juggling, and balloons. All stirred into a recipe for utter silliness.
With thirty-eight years of experience in children's comedy, Toby's expertise as a Master Clown ensures an entertaining and creative performance.  Toby is the recipient of multiple awards for writing, producing, performing and creativity, which assures you of an entire show filled with silliness.

We are ecstatic about Toby's recent performance for our kids. The laughter was uncontrollable. One student's comment summed it up, "He is the coolest weirdo in the world."
Stephanie Copeland, Elementary Principal

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This is the perfect family fun program for all your visiting children. 


What makes this show so wonderful:

- Completely self-contained

- Can play anywhere at any time

- Music sets the mood and continues throughout the program

- Magic that makes sense to children (no cards)

- Comedy based on what children find funny

Dance like nobody Wants to watch.

Come play with wild abandonment.

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