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Once again Toby delivers a powerful and positive message. Our children learned what will help them be citizens and how to inspire others to be their best.  Toby helped our kids make the world a better place.

Jan Takayama, Principal
Fowler Elementary

The key elements of Leader Seeder are:

Leader Seeder is a thrill-filled program using a creative mix of custom puppetry, audience participation, original music, and specially created magic to reinforce your student's immediate ability to be in command of themselves. All participants gain lasting applicable and positive skills required of a true leader.


Additionally, this program includes content from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a key component of The Leader in Me whole-school transformation process.

Excitement will fill your students the moment they enter this assembly. The program opens with cheering silliness. Toby then plunges headlong into the show's syllabus. Each lesson is exemplified and demonstrated for maximum impact on the multiple learning styles and development of each student.  

A beatboxing puppet, original magic, stories, and a wild game of catch are catalysts to demonstrate leadership qualities to students.  Toby reiterates that everyone can be a leader of a team, a group and even themselves. Laughs lead to learning and there is a lot of both in this spectacular interactive program. Toby explains that being a great leader also means being a great team member. 

Toby KID Klauenberg is an example of leadership.

Toby is the father of four high honors students. Each has/does participate in student government. All four hold athletic distinctions from junior high schools to major D1 colleges.

Toby is a Volunteer Firefighter,  Eagle Scout, and recipient of the FFA Distinguished Service Award. Klauenberg sits on a preschool board and has served on the local school board. KID has led his city's summer festival,  summer camps, and multiple charity fundraisers.

Toby was the first of his family's lineage to earn a college degree.

Toby is recognized for the advancement of his art, being recognized as a Master Clown. He is an artist in residence for national artist councils, several school districts, the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, and two churches.



Students immediately get to practice what they've learned.

Shelley, Toby's turtle friend leads the sing-along

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