Fun for Summer 2022


Gather your lads and lassies for  Oceans of Possibilities
on a shipload of fun and adventures. 

Capt KID
will take your crew
Beyond the Beaten Path
where X marks the spot. A pegleg adventure your kids will long remember.



Swashbuckling fun for everyone. 
Capt KID unfurls the jolly roger and his treasure map to excitement. As your landlubbers follow, Capt KID leads them along the dotted line to where X marks the spot. Magic, comedy,  hornswoggling, and general silliness accompany every turn on the map. 

Sail away to adventures with
Capt KID

Next summer you can be visited by

Capt KID, library pirate, flea trainer, and adventurer.  
A swashbuckling adventure with Oceans of Possibilities. See the sea flea circus, find treasures under the X, and pass the pirate tests. Surprises and silliness pull the audience right onto the stage to be part of the pirate crew. 


This show is filled with all original and custom-built award-winning magic created by Toby KID, Master Clown. 

Show specs:

run time 45 minutes

set time 15 minutes

strike time 20 minutes

Completely self-contained program

Indoor OR outdoor performances

Written for PreK-6th gradeers

Show support material can be found at

The only thing you supply is electricity and an audience.