Oceans of Possibilites

Oceans of Possibilites


Fun for Summer 2022

Gather your BOOKCANEERS for a ship load of fun and adventures. 

The scurvy scallywag
Capt KID
will have your kids in hysterics with tales of ocean adventures.


Who will be Capt KID's first mate?
Will the swashbuckling hero save the day?

Will the flea circus flea infest Capt Kid's beard?  
These questions and more will be answered when you host this fanciful voyage of silliness and fun.

Sail away on adventures with
Capt KID

This show is filled with all original and custom-built award-winning magic created by Toby KID, Master Clown. 

Next summer you can be visited by

Capt KID, pirate, flea trainer, and Aquaphobian.  
A swashbuckling adventure with Oceans of Possibilities. See the sea flea circus, find treasures under the X, and pass the pirate tests. Surprises and silliness pull the audience right onto the stage to be part of the pirate crew.