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"Another hit show to add to Toby's long list of Library Adventure Series."

Toby's Adventure Series has been part of our family's summer activities since 2015! We drove for more than an hour to see him last year. We were not disappointed! They all talk more about Toby's show than our trip to Adventureland.

My oldest two requested Jedi outfits for Christmas just to wear to Toby's show this coming summer.  I am hoping when he's at our library we can take some pictures.

Tonia Cornelius, mother of 5 boys

Summer 2024


Jedi Adventure Begins

Jedi Adventure Begins

What could be more exciting than

a battle for the planet's ecosystems 

Especially when it takes place right in your library!

A Jedi with all the sci-fi trimmings visits your younglings

in this out-of-this-world experience. 


A new world has been discovered.

Who will be the caretaker of the planet? 

Will the Dark Side plunder or will the Jedi preserve?

Your readers will learn the value of

conserving terrestrial resources.

Master Jedi

Toby-Wan Ka-Toby    


at Your Library

at Your Library

In search of younglings (the children of your community) the Jedi request that they gather at the Jedi Temple (your library).

The Jedi hopes to find those with the power of the force (service to others). Their mission is to help save the resources of a newly discovered planet from the Dark Side's (ignorance) plundering.


Click here to see

How many Galactic Credits

the show will cost you?

- Magical Porgs

- Droids

- A Wookie's Bowcaster

- Light Sabers

- The Nosse Decahedron

- A blue beast

- A youngling will discover their own force power

..... and the Dark Side


Your readers will learn about the balance of ecosystems and habits. The abject lesson on how to preserve biodiversity for future generations will be reinforced every time they use the Force. They will experience that the ecological preservation of a mythical planet is just as important as practicing conservationism right here on Earth. 

Show Specs:
set 15 min

run 45 min

strike 15 min

Requires 10X12 stage area


Program is completely

self-contained- Toby brings everything he needs to put on this awesome interactive experience

Jedi Temple - a place of stored knowledge
Your library is a Jedi Temple

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